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Review: Squier Sonic Precision Bass – How Good Is It?

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Squier Sonic Series seems to be one of the coolest series of guitars released by this brand in the last few years, so today we’re going to take a close look on their super popular bass – the Squier Sonic Precision Bass.

This is probably one of the cheapest Precision Basses that you can find on the market right now – it’s nearly five times cheaper than the Fender Player PB! And you know what? Although it’s not as good as the Fender, that difference is that huge.

Let’s take a close look on this bass to see what exactly makes it so cool. I included a few sound demos below as well, so you’ll be able to hear how it sounds too.

About Squier Sonic Precision Bass

The Squier Series was announced mid-2023 and it quickly became extremely popular all around the world. I already had the Sonic Stratocaster, the Sonic Telecaster and the Sonic Mustang so I can definitely confirm that guitars from these series are generally very good.

Body & Neck

The guitar features an aesthetic PB-style body made of poplar, which is a pretty lightweight tonewood. This material is actually used in most of guitars made by Squier. When it comes to the neck, as per usual – it’s made of maple and it has a C-shape. And just like all other Sonic guitars, it has a satin finish.

bass guitar fretboard closeup photo

Depending on which color version you choose, you can get either Indian Laurel or Maple fingerboard. In fact, the black Sonic PB is the only one that has the laurel fretboard – the other ones have maple fretboards instead.


Squier decided to equip that bass with a Ceramic Split Single-Coil. It’s a pretty standard setting which is a characteristic part of any Precision Bass.

Is the quality of these electronics good? Well, yes and not. It’s a budget bass, so obviously it won’t sound as good as a high quality Fender. But at the same time, it still sounds surprisingly good. It’s actually easy to forget that it’s an entry-level model when you hear it.

When it comes to controls, there’s nothing unusual here – just two controls, one for volume and one for tone.


The tuning stability is pretty good on that thing, although the tuners seem pretty basic. The bridge is not bad though – it’s a 4-saddle standard bridge.

Overall, the hardware is made of chrome – just like in all guitars from the Sonic Series. There’s not that much to complain about, but it’s nothing fancy – it works and it gets the job done. So what’s there not to like?

advantages of squier sonic precision bass

Factory Setup

When it comes to the factory setup, out of my experience Sonic guitars tend to be really good. I think that Squier improved their quality inspection recently because all of their gear that I bought in the last few months had no issues whatsoever.

Still, it’s possible to experience some minor flaws here and there. Is that common? Not really. Based on reviews that I saw online, guitarists agree that the factory setups of these guitars are not bad at all.

So shoutout to Squier – you guys do a fantastic job! As an example, here’s a screenshot of a review found on Thomann.

review of bass guitar from thomann


For all guitar nerds out there, I created a table with the most relevant info about this Precision Bass. Obviously, you can check out the detailed specs on Amazon or Thomann, but you can also check it out below 🙂

FingerboardIndian Laurel / Maple
Neck ShapeC-Shape
Neck FinishSatin
Scale Length34″
Bridge4-Saddle Standard
PickupCeramic Split Single-Coil
StringsNickel Plated Steel (.045-.105)
Made InIndonesia or China


I’m sure that some of you wonder how to maintain a Precision Bass to make sure that it will last you for years to come.

Is it difficult? Well, not really.

Maintaining a bass guitar is pretty much the same as with any other guitar – just make sure to wash your hands before playing and generally keep it nice and tidy. Also putting some new strings every couple of months would be a good idea too.

You can also keep your bass in a gig bag or a hardshell case to avoid any potential damage, especially during transit.

But overall, it is not rocket science. Just keep an eye on it and simply take care of it. As long as you’re not throwing it at walls you’ll be fine.

Sound Demos

I gathered a few sound demos for you to check out! I think that all of them showcase the beauty of that model.


So far you already heard all the good stuff about that bass, but let’s be real – it’s a budget model, so it has its own cons as well.

disadvantages of squier sonic precision bass

Although this stuff shouldn’t really concern you, you have to be aware that the biggest disadvantages of the Sonic PB are:

  • no case included – you’ll have to get it separately
  • basic tuners – they’re not bad, but they’re far from being ideal either
  • not many colors available – only three (Black, California Blue and 2-Tone Sunburst)

The lack of case is pretty normal – most budget guitars are sold without soft cases anyway. Same with the tuners – you can’t expect them to be perfect at that level.

When it comes to color availability, it’s not necessarily a disadvantage, but it’s something that you have to be aware of. As an example, the Black Sonic PB is the only model that has an Indian Laurel fretboard – the remaining two have maple fretboards.

So if you want specifically a bass with that kind of fingerboard, your choice is limited. But is it really a huge deal? I doubt it. As long as it plays and feels good, nothing else should really matter that much.

Cheaper Alternatives

Is it possible to find a better cheap bass than the Sonic PB? Well, that’s debatable, but there are certainly a lot of cool and inexpensive models out there.

I can definitely recommend checking out the Harley Benton PB-20. This is an excellent alternative option which offers an awesome value for the money. I had to pleasure to test it out and I remember that I was really impressed by its neck. That satin finish felt great!

harley benton pb-20 closeup photo

However, not everyone likes Harley Benton guitars. If you’re not a fan of that brand, maybe choosing the Squier Sonic Bronco bass will be a better option for you. The Bronco is a short-scale guitar (it basically means that it has a shorter neck), so it may be a better option for younger players or bassists with smaller hands.

Apart from these models, I can also recommend checking out the Ibanez TMB100. This is a fantastic bass, I had it a few years ago and it worked perfectly (also it had a stunning mint finish). If you manage to find it on the second-hand market, it will be cheaper than the Sonic PB. But if you prefer new guitars – this one may be actually a bit more expensive.

Surely, you’ll be able to find at least one good alternative option!

My Experience With Squiers

I’ve had dozens of Squiers in my hands so far throughout the years. If you don’t believe me, check out my YouTube channel – you’ll notice a lot of their guitars in there.

In my opinion, Squier guitars are generally really good, especially for beginners and those who are just starting out. Obviously, not all of them – there are some models that are bad too. But if I had to rate them as a whole, their stuff is definitely worth the money.

The main problem I noticed in Squiers throughout the years was the factory setup. Quite often I had to adjust the string action and do some minor adjustments to make these guitars work better.

But after trying out a few guitars from the Sonic Series, I think that there’s not that much to worry when it comes to this Precision Bass. Most of the time, these guitars work well right after unboxing, so it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any problems.

I also like the fact that guitars by this brand are simply cheap. Maybe Squiers are not as good as Fenders (well, there are some Squiers that are actually better in my opinion – for example the Classic Vibe Stratocaster), but their low price is just appealing.

So summing up, I don’t see why some people don’t like these guitars – most of the time they’re great!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Squier Sonic Precision Bass is an excellent 4-string bass recommended not only for complete noobs, but also more advanced players.

If you decide to get it for yourself, you’ll probably stick with it for a while – there’s no doubt with that.

Thanks for checking out this summary, hopefully it was helpful! If you ever end up with actually getting this bass for yourself, feel free to leave your comment below. Maybe you already have that model? Let me know, I’m sure that other readers will also enjoy reading your thoughts.