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Review: Gibson ES-335 Figured AN – A Legend Reimagined

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When you hear the name ES-335, you know you’re talking about a legendary guitar. This isn’t just any guitar; it’s a dream for many players.

The Gibson ES-335 Figured AN brings the classic into the modern age with style, sound, and a feel that’s hard to beat.

Let’s dive deep into why this guitar rocks!

  • Gibson ES-335 Figured AN
    Gibson ES-335 Figured AN
    3,479 €Buy now

About Gibson ES-335 Figured AN

Gibson ES-335 Figured AN

The Gibson ES-335 Figured AN is like a superhero of guitars. It’s super special because it looks amazing and sounds even better. Imagine a guitar that can do almost anything, from playing soft and sweet music to rocking out hard.

That’s what this guitar is all about. It’s made by Gibson, a company that’s famous for making some of the best guitars in the world. This guitar is a mix of old-school cool and new tech.

It’s perfect for anyone who loves music and wants to play an instrument that can handle any style. Whether you’re into blues, jazz, rock, or anything else, this guitar has got you covered.

Have a listen to this sound demo.

Body & Neck

The body and neck of the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN are like the backbone of this guitar. They’re made with really high-quality wood that not only looks beautiful but also makes the guitar sound awesome.

The body is made of AAA maple/poplar/maple laminated wood. This means it’s light but also very strong and gives the guitar a rich sound. The neck is made of quartersawn mahogany with a rounded “C” profile.

This is just a fancy way of saying it’s super comfortable to hold and play, even for long hours. The rosewood fretboard feels smooth under your fingers, making it easy to move around and hit those notes just right.


The electronics in the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN are what give this guitar its voice. It has two calibrated T-style humbuckers.

These are special types of pickups that pick up the vibrations from the strings and turn them into the sound that comes out of the amplifier. These pickups are awesome because they can make a wide range of sounds, from really clean and clear to super distorted and rocky.

The guitar also has orange drop capacitors and CTS pots, which are parts of the guitar’s electronics that help control the sound and make it even better. So, whether you’re playing gently or really going for it, this guitar can handle it and make it sound great.

what makes this es-335 good


The hardware on a guitar is like the jewelry it wears – it’s not just there to look good, but it also has a very important job. The Gibson ES-335 Figured AN has some really cool hardware that helps it play smoothly and stay in tune. It has an ABR-1 bridge with titanium saddle and vintage Tulip machine heads.

This might sound complicated, but it basically means that the strings stay in place really well, and you can tune your guitar easily and it will stay in tune. Plus, the nickel hardware not only looks super classy but is also very durable. So, you can keep playing your favorite tunes without worrying about your guitar going out of tune or breaking down.

Is There Anything To Complain About?

Even superheroes have their weaknesses, and the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN, while close to perfect, has a couple of things that some players might not love. But don’t worry, these are pretty minor compared to all the awesome features this guitar has.

  • Price: The first thing is the price. This guitar is a bit on the expensive side, which makes sense because it’s made with top-quality materials and has a lot of cool features. But, for someone just starting out or not ready to invest a lot of money, the price might be a bit much.
  • Weight: Another thing some people might find a bit challenging is the weight. Because of all the high-quality wood and hardware, this guitar can be a bit heavier than others. If you’re used to playing lighter guitars, it might take some time to get used to.

Despite these points, the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN is still an amazing guitar. Its sound, quality, and versatility more than make up for the price and weight. Plus, playing a guitar like this can make you feel like a rock star, and who doesn’t want that?

For those who are looking for a cheaper alternative, make sure to check out the Epiphone ES-335.

guitarist playing on gibson es-335 figured antique natural


Let’s break down the key features of the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN into an easy-to-read table. This way, you can see all the cool stuff this guitar has at a glance!

ConstructionSemi Hollow
Body and TopAAA maple / poplar / maple laminated
NeckQuartersawn mahogany
Neck ProfileRounded “C”
Scale Length628 mm
Nut Width42.8 mm
BindingSingle ply cream
Pickups2 calibrated T-style humbuckers
CapacitorsOrange drop
BridgeABR-1 with titanium saddle
Machine HeadsVintage Tulip
FinishNitrocellulose lacquer
ColourAntique Natural
IncludesCase and accessories kit
Made inUSA

This table shows how the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN is packed with features that make it not just a musical instrument, but a piece of art that’s built to last and perform.

  • Gibson ES-335 Figured AN
    Gibson ES-335 Figured AN
    3,479 €Buy now

My Experience With Gibsons

I’ve been playing Gibson guitars for years, and each one has its own personality. But the ES-335? It’s in a league of its own. From the moment I picked it up, I knew it was special.

The feel of the neck, the smoothness of the fretboard, and the rich, vibrant sound it produces are unmatched. I’ve played gigs, recorded in studios, and jammed at home with it, and it never fails to impress.

The versatility of this guitar is its standout feature. Whether I’m playing blues licks, jazz chords, or rock riffs, it handles everything with ease. It’s like having several guitars in one.

And that semi-hollow body? It gives the sound a depth and warmth that you just can’t get from a solid body guitar.

guitarist playing on gibson es-335


Q: How does the semi-hollow body affect the guitar’s sound?
A: The semi-hollow body gives the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN a warm, resonant tone with more depth and sustain compared to solid body guitars. It’s perfect for achieving a rich, full sound that’s ideal for genres like blues, jazz, and rock.

Q: What genres is the ES-335 Figured AN best suited for?
A: This guitar is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of genres, including blues, jazz, rock, country, and even pop. Its rich tonal qualities and playability allow it to adapt to virtually any style of music.

Q: Can I use the ES-335 Figured AN for recording?
A: Absolutely! The ES-335 Figured AN is an excellent choice for recording, thanks to its versatile sound and high-quality pickups. It can deliver clean, clear tones as well as rich, overdriven sounds, making it a great option for studio work.

Q: What makes the T-style humbuckers special?
A: The calibrated T-style humbuckers in the ES-335 Figured AN are designed to provide a balanced, dynamic sound. They offer the warmth and depth of traditional humbuckers but with enhanced clarity and precision, making them ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

Q: How does the neck profile affect playability?
A: The rounded “C” neck profile is designed for comfort and ease of play. It fits nicely in the hand, making it easier to form chords and navigate the fretboard. This makes the guitar suitable for players of all skill levels, especially those who prefer a more ergonomic neck.

Q: What is the advantage of having an ABR-1 bridge with a titanium saddle?
A: The ABR-1 bridge with a titanium saddle offers superior intonation, sustain, and tuning stability. Titanium is a lightweight, durable material that enhances the guitar’s resonance and overall sound quality.

Q: How does the nitrocellulose lacquer finish benefit the guitar?
A: Nitrocellulose lacquer is a high-quality finish that allows the wood to breathe and resonate more freely, contributing to the guitar’s tone and sustain. It also ages beautifully, giving the guitar a unique character over time.

Q: Are the orange drop capacitors and CTS pots significant?
A: Yes, the orange drop capacitors and CTS pots are high-quality electronic components that provide smoother tone control and volume adjustments. They contribute to the guitar’s overall sound quality, offering a clearer, more precise tonal range.

Q: How do I care for the rosewood fretboard?
A: To care for the rosewood fretboard, it’s recommended to clean it regularly with a soft, dry cloth and occasionally treat it with a fretboard conditioner or lemon oil. This keeps the wood hydrated and prevents cracking, ensuring the fretboard remains smooth and playable.

Q: What accessories come with the Gibson ES-335 Figured AN?
A: The Gibson ES-335 Figured AN comes with a case and an accessories kit, which typically includes a strap, polishing cloth, and sometimes tools for adjustments. These accessories help you get started and maintain your guitar in top condition.

Final Thoughts

The Gibson ES-335 Figured AN is more than just a guitar; it’s a statement. It combines beauty, craftsmanship, and versatility into an instrument that inspires creativity and passion.

Yes, it might be a bit pricey and heavier than some, but the sound, feel, and overall experience it offers are priceless.


Whether you’re playing on stage, recording in a studio, or just jamming at home, this guitar will elevate your music. It’s a testament to Gibson’s legacy of creating instruments that fuel the passion of musicians around the world. If you have the chance to play one, take it. You won’t be disappointed.