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Comparison: Marshall MG10 vs Vox Pathfinder 10 Amps

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Let’s be real – finding a good practice combo isn’t that simple. Lots of guitarists can’t decide whether they should go with Fender, Vox, Orange or Marshall. And that’s totally understandable – the market of cheap amps is saturated.

But today, we’re diving deep into a comparison between two absolute giants in the realm of home practice amps: the Marshall MG10 vs VOX Pathfinder 10.

Both amps boast a compact size and a power output of 10W, making them contenders for the ultimate practice companion. But as we all know, the devil is in the details.

Marshall MG10 vs Vox Pathfinder 10 – Specs

FeatureMarshall MG10VOX Pathfinder 10
Speaker6.5″1 x 6.5″ Vox Bulldog
Channels2 (clean and overdrive)1 (with Clean/Overdrive switch)
Tone ControlContourGain, Treble, Bass
Inputs/OutputsCombined CD input, Headphone jack, Emulated line out, Emulated headphone outputHeadphone / Line output
Dimensions (WHD)296 x 314 x 175 mm380 x 260 x 170 mm
Weight4.8 kg4.8 kg

About Marshall MG10

The Marshall MG10 is a testament to Marshall’s legacy of rock. With its classic gold-black design, it not only looks the part but brings a sound that’s unmistakably Marshall.

marshall mg10

From my experience, this amp delivers a solid punch with its 10W of power through a 6.5″ speaker, offering a rich and robust tone that’s versatile enough for practice sessions yet powerful enough for small gigs.

Here’s my sound demo available on my YouTube channel.


  • Dual channels allow for easy switching between clean and overdrive tones.
  • Contour tone control offers a simple yet effective way to sculpt your sound.
  • Multiple outputs, including an emulated headphone output for silent practice and an emulated line out for recording.


  • Limited EQ options with only contour tone control.
  • Some may find the clean channel less sparkling compared to its VOX counterpart.

You can also check out my comparison of this amp with Fender Frontman 10G.

About Vox Pathfinder 10

VOX amplifiers have a storied history, and the Pathfinder 10 upholds this legacy with its distinctive VOX sound.

This amp, with its iconic diamond grille cloth and chicken-head knobs, is not just about looks; it delivers a warm, rich tone that can range from clean and chimey to aggressively distorted.

vox amp

The VOX Bulldog speaker adds a unique color to the sound, making it a favorite for those seeking that classic British tone.

I had the pleasure to test out this combo and record the video on my YouTube channel. Check it out below!


  • The Clean/Overdrive switch provides versatile sound shaping, from jangly cleans to gritty overdrive.
  • Dedicated EQ controls (Gain, Treble, Bass) offer more precise tonal adjustments.
  • Headphone / Line output allows for silent practice and easy recording.


  • Only one channel, which may limit tonal versatility compared to the Marshall MG10.
  • Some users may find the overdrive tone less aggressive than desired for heavier genres.

Which One Should You Choose?

Deciding between the Marshall MG10 and the VOX Pathfinder 10 can feel like a daunting task, given that both amps offer exceptional quality and features suited for a variety of playing styles.

It’s clear from the outset that both amps are really good, each with its own strengths that cater to different preferences in tone and usability.

If your playing leans towards classic rock, heavy metal, or you cherish the ability to switch seamlessly between clean and overdriven tones with the flick of a channel, the Marshall MG10 might be your go-to.

Its dual-channel functionality and the characteristic Marshall growl give it an edge for players looking for versatility and that iconic rock sound.

On the other hand, if you’re drawn to the jangly, bright tones reminiscent of British Invasion bands, or you prioritize clear, warm cleans and a more straightforward, nuanced control over your sound, the VOX Pathfinder 10 will likely speak to you more.

Its distinctive VOX tone and dedicated EQ controls offer a level of precision that can be crucial for achieving the perfect clean or lightly overdriven sound.

But honestly? You can’t go wrong with either one. Both are great, but personally I’d probably stick with the Marshall. Maybe it doesn’t have the 3-band EQ, but that Marshall tone is just hard to beat!

FAQ: Marshall MG10 vs VOX Pathfinder 10

1. Can I use these amps for genres other than rock or metal?

Absolutely. While both amps shine in rock settings, their versatility allows for exploration across various genres. The Marshall MG10, with its clean and overdrive channels, can cater to blues, country, and even jazz with the right settings. The VOX Pathfinder 10, known for its crisp cleans, is perfect for pop, indie, and classic rock. Each amp’s unique tonal qualities make them adaptable to a wide range of musical styles.

2. Are these amps loud enough for band rehearsals?

It depends. For small, acoustic setups or quiet rehearsals, both amps can hold their own. However, in a full-band context with a drummer, they might struggle to cut through. These amps excel in practice and small, intimate settings rather than loud, live performances.

3. How do these amps handle effects pedals?

Quite well. Both the Marshall MG10 and the VOX Pathfinder 10 are receptive to effects pedals, allowing you to expand your sound palette. The clean channels on both amps provide a solid foundation for pedals, ensuring your effects come through clearly and distinctly.

4. Can I connect these amps to a PA system?

Yes, but with a caveat. While neither amp has a direct “PA out,” you can mic them up or use the line-out features for connection to a PA system. This setup is ideal for capturing the amp’s true sound in live performances or recording scenarios.

5. Is there a noticeable difference in weight or portability?

Not really. Both amps are designed with portability in mind, each weighing around 4.8 kg. Their compact sizes make them easy to transport, perfect for musicians on the go.

6. How durable are these amps?

Built to last. Both Marshall and VOX have reputations for constructing durable, road-worthy equipment. These practice amps are no exception, designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and transport.

7. Do they come with any warranties?

Yes. Both amps typically come with manufacturer warranties. The specific terms and lengths can vary, so it’s recommended to check with the retailer or manufacturer for the most accurate information.

8. Can these amps be used for recording?

Definitely. Both the Marshall MG10 and the VOX Pathfinder 10 are equipped with line-out options, making them suitable for direct recording. While they won’t replace a full-scale studio setup, they’re more than capable of laying down guitar tracks with a distinct character.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to the Marshall MG10 vs VOX Pathfinder 10, the decision is deeply personal. Both amps offer exceptional value, sound, and functionality for their size and price point.

The Marshall MG10 brings the heat with its iconic overdrive and versatility, making it a go-to for those who crave that classic rock growl. The VOX Pathfinder 10, with its unmistakable clean tone and British charm, appeals to those seeking clarity and jangle.

I love both of them. Which one would you choose and why? Leave a comment down below!